Simple Sous Vide Time and Temperature Infographic

Want a quick reference for some of the most common sous vide recipes? Well, look no further, today we’ve got your answer. We’ve made an infographic that covers a few of the dishes are best cooked using the sous vide technique. Our simple reference chart includes: pork chops; chicken breast; beef steak; fish, and; a perfectly poached egg.

Our simple time and temperature guide

Sous Vide Basic Time and Temperature Cooking Guide for Pork, Chicken, Steak, Fish and Eggs

You can also download a pdf version here.

This reference chart does come with some caveats. To start with, if you are cooking up a thick cut of meat like a pork loin or a tomahawk rib-eye, you’ll want to up the cooking time significantly, likely to 2.5-3 hours. Additionally, you may want to lower the cooking temperature by a few degrees Fahrenheit for a even juicier cut.

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