Pre-Review: Mellow, the Sous Vide Machine from the future

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We’re always on the lookout for new machines that are coming to market. Today, we’re writing about “Mellow” it is a futuristic machine that promises Wi-Fi integration and hopes to break sous vide cooking into the mainstream casual cook market.

The machine looks futuristic and sexy:

machine 1

I doubt it will come with the zero gravity function the picture above implies. But the options the machine does come with seem pretty impressive. It has a 1000 Watt heating element and also has cooling function to keep food in a safe tempurature range when you are not actively cooking. This could be a game changer coupled with Wi-Fi. Imagine being able to put food in the machine when you leave for work, activate the cooking around 3:00pm and come home to perfectly cooked, non-spoiled food.

Another stand-apart feature is that the water is circulated by “air injection.” I think this is tech-speak for bubbles. This could make the machine futuristic and fascinating or make it feel like a “food aquarium,” we’ll have to see.

The big selling point seems to be the in-app integration mellow will offer. With promises of apps for both android and iOS and an application that “learns your taste over time,” if executed properly this machine could really bring sous vide cooking to the mass market.

Mellow iPhone integration

The current specifications from the mellow’s website are generally impressive. The machine sports a 4.5 liter capacity which should handle just about any standard home cooking project.


Mellow is available for pre-order currently at a price of $399 which is discounted from the retail price of $599. Current ship date is slated for “early 2016.” As of 4/8/2016 Mellow’s website reflects a much later ship date of Fall 2016. We will update as we get more news. Hopefully, they stop pushing the release date back.

We’ll keep our eye on this sous vide machine and write a review once we can get our hands on one.

Click below to check out Mellow:

Mellow logo



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