Anova Sous Vide Review

Anova Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Basics

The Anova Sous Vide immersion circulator is one of the many fantastic new sous vide products on the market. You can see our comprehensive comparison of all the top sous vide machines and compare the Anova to its competitors. The Anova is structured to fasten to any large container or pot. This is accomplished via a rubber-tipped screw that holds it firmly in place against the edge of the pot or bin it is attached. There’s no question, the construction quality is tops, with sturdy, taut-fitting metal and parts made from both metal and plastic that are built to last. The touch-screen screen at the top includes a rubberized trim that has a comfortable ergonomic feel in the hand.

Right out of the box, you can see that the Anova was manufactured with sleek design in mind. It is as attractive and funcctional. In fact, it all starts from the packaging, which is an attractive lustrous black box and black-Styrofoam snuggling the machine inside.

Anova Sous Vide Machine Pro, photo


Sous vide cooking is somewhere between food and technology. In some ways, sous vide cooking is an entry into the mad-scientist or “molecular gastronomy” world of the culinary arts. Sous vide has you utilize laboratory-like machines to heat water to an exact, steady temperature. The ability to cook that tasty meal exactly how you want it is what makes sous vide cooking so attractive. The Anova helps to bring this technique right to your kitchen at a reasonable price.


The most apparent difference of the Amova Sous Vide against other models is the touch-screen interface utilized for programming. It’s extremely discerning, and has a temperature setting and timer that either beeps or shuts the machine down. With a size of 15.5-inches, the Anova is pretty much a similar size to other models.

The only drawback here is that the screen stops after 25 minutes, which can be a bit of an annoyance since you have to touch the screen to awaken the unit in order to check the time or temperature.

When in use, the circulator is exceedingly quiet. In fact, you may not even believe it’s on! The circulator power appears strong enough for the standard eight and twelve quarter containers; however, the machine can hold up to 22 quarts! For an entry-level machine the Anova should be able to tackle just about any project the home cook throws at it.

The Anova Sous Vide takes roughly 15 to 30 minutes to heat water; depending on how high the temperature is set. After your target temperature is reached, all you have to do is put the food in.

The words “Sous vide” means “under-vacuum” in French and the experts will suggest that you seal your ingredients to lock-in-flavor. Nonetheless, a plastic storage bag will do the job as well. Just make certain that it’s BPA free-polyethylene and not the cheap version PVC or polyvinyl-chloride, which can leak dangerous chemical into your food.


You simply clamp the unit to the side of the pot or water bin with the stainless steel bottom part halfway down into the water. The built-in thermometer will check the water’s temperature. You only need to program Anova to the temperature you want and the built-in heating coil and circulation fan will help the process flow along flawlessly. However, due to the tallness of the mount, anything under eight-inches will be difficult to clamp to the unit.

The buttons on the LCD touch-screen are clearly in view making it easy to set the temperature and timer. The temperature can be set to a degree in five-minute intervals.

Anova Sous Vide machine LCD Screen image


As mentioned earlier, the interface of the Anova Sous Vide is touch-screen supported. The machine is responsive, even if your fingers are wet. It turns on with a switch in the back, choose the temperature, there’s an option for Fahrenheit(°F) or Celsius(°C), and set it along with the optional timer, press start, and the unit will commence circulating and heating water.

In all honesty, the controls are the only area that may affect Anova’s rating, but only slightly. Sure, the touch-screen is sleek and cool and the readouts are pleasurable, but the task of having to get through at least six button presses just to get the machine up and running is somewhat annoying to say the least! It’s a bit similar to the times when microwaves and ovens embarked on their venture with numerical keypads during the 90s, when in actuality; the dial-system was quicker and simpler all-the-way-round! I use the dial model as my regular sous vide machine, but have to admit I am still a little envious of the digital readout–mabye its the techie in me. It is hard not to want the newest sexiest gadgets.

What’s more, the auto-shutdown on the screen that activates after a short time is a bit cumbersome. Having to double check that it is set at the right temperature and holding is something minor, but nevertheless, a nuisance.

The functions as far as circulation and temperature holding capability are still rock solid. Considering that the manufacturer is known for meticulousness laboratory-grade equipment with a venerable history in the field, there’s no need to question the product’s quality, authenticity, or accuracy.

The speed at which the Anova heats up water is more than sufficient. It may be slower than some of its competitors given its relative low wattage (800W) but the difference likely is not significant enough of a factor to affect a purchasing decision. However, the ability to modify the flow direction of the pump, permitting you to face it outwards when you have a lot of odd formed bags in the bath for the best convection, or in the direction of the pot wall if you have fragile items like eggs that requires little or no turbulence is lacking. Nonetheless, it’s a minor issue that does not take away from the overall effectiveness of the device.


Overall, this is a fantastic immersion-circulator for the at home Sous Vide cook. It’s a great gift for someone who desires to be a bit more creative with their meals in the kitchen without going over the budget. It’s great for experimental cookers and food lovers. It’s for those who love cooking and messing about with new recipes and techniques, and for those who want to try a new form of cooking that is healthier because you cook with water, not oil.

The Anova Sous Vide works beautifully, is easy to use, has a firm construction, superb features, and is extremely user friendly. With an ideal price to add to Anova’s overall benefits along with incredible construction, the Anova is well worth the investment!

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