Sous vide pronunciation

So, how do you pronounce sous vide?

I know I was too embarrassed to ask when I first saw the phrase. So, lets cut to the chase: how the hell do you pronounce “sous vide” ? Just say: “soo veed.” 

Proper way to pronounce sous vide

Say “soo veed” and you’ll sound like you have lived in Lyon all your life and your mom prepared you duck a l’Orange and sous vide carrots as a toddler. You no longer have to worry about be ostracized by your foodie friends. You can lift your head proudly knowing you know how to properly pronounce sous vide

Also, what does sous vide mean?

Sous vide is french for “under vacuum.” Essentially it is the process of vacuum sealing food and eliminating exposure to oxygen. This process was created to increase the yield when cooking items like foie gras that would essentially “render out” under more traditional cooking methods.

It sounds fancy, but it really isn’t that complicated

Now that you know how to say sous vide, read more about what you need to sous vide your next meal. Don’t be intimidated by the hard to pronounce name, sous video cooking is actually really easy, healthy, can be a huge time saver, and it leads to absolutely awesome cooking results.

Still not sold on sous vide cooking?

The results don’t lie:

Cheap steak, no problem. Sous vide will elevate the meat.

Sliced Finished Sous Vide Pork Roast

Juicy pork chop


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